The Ultimate Guide to Using ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia

The Ultimate Guide to Using ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia

ChatGPT has been designed to solve user queries within a few seconds. It is the most influential language model providing different kinds of detailed information. You can use it

Translate languages, getting text, and impactful content for any purpose. But one thing that is not good is that ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia does not allow use. Due to some specific laws of the Saudi Arabian government, ChatGPT is banned. However, you can even use it if you follow some ways. You will get to know about “How to use ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia” in this ultimate guide.

3 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia


People want to use ChatGPT for businesses in Saudi Arabia and for many purposes. They can use the following ways to use ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia.

Virtual Private Network: VPN is the best way by using it you can connect to different server locations. VPN helps you prevent GEO-Blocking sites. When you connect to a VPN and start using it different server location. Then VPN starts working to allow that particular block of content or site on another IP address. That means you can use ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia after connecting to a VPN.

Proxy Server: You might know that a proxy server works as a mediator between the device you use & the internet. This assists in bypassing that block that stops you from using ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia.

Tor Browser: Tor browser is also known as onion routing. You should use this browser for anonymous web search results. This browser is safe & secure and can help you protect your privacy while using the internet.

There is only one barrier to accessing the blocked website. You only need to bypass the block. When it is done you can start using the ChatGPT website just by signing up with your gmail or phone number.

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Why is ChatGPT not available in Saudi Arabia?


When you start signing up for ChatGPT, it shows an error that “OpenAI is not available in your country”.  The government of Saudi Arabia imposed some regulatory restrictions on the use of ChatGPT so that the people of this country can not misuse it. The government thinks people can use this to spread misinformation & some offensive content. So security concern and misuse is the main reason that ChatGPT is not available in Saudi Arabia.

FAQS: Using ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia


How to use ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia?

You can use ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia by using a secure VPN, proxy server, and Tor browser. You must avoid free VPN alternatives that can be harmful to your private data.

What is the best VPN to use in Saudi Arabia?

There are several best VPNs to use in Saudi Arabia. You can use Hola VPN, IPVanish, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN. 

Is using a VPN illegal in Saudi?

The Saudi Arabian government has banned the usage of ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia. However, VPN is allowed and legal to be used in Saudi. 

What are the risks of using ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia? 

If you are using ChatGPT in Saudi Arabia some risks can include:

As it is banned from use in Saudi by the Saudi government, it can blocked by taking action by the government.

There can be the possibility of penalization for using any VPN to access a restricted ChatGPT website.

Is it possible to use ChatGPT without a VPN?

There is no alternative to using ChatGPT without a VPN. VPN is the only way to get access to the restricted ChatGPT website in Saudi Arabia. 

Wrapped Up: How To Use ChatGPT In Saudi Arabia


ChatGPT is clearly banned in Saudi Arabia. You can only use with using a VPN by connecting to different server locations. However, there can be risks associated because you are using it after knowing that it is banned in Saudi Arabia.

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