iPhone 15 Ultra vs. iPhone 14 Ultra

The iPhone 15 Ultra vs. the iPhone 14 Ultra: Which One Should You Buy?

Most young people have an eye on these two iPhone 15 ultra & iPhone 14 ultra in 2023. Apple company has upgraded one of its best features. But if the model is different then how can these two mobile phones be the same? There is little difference that makes both phones different. Let’s know the main comparison between the iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 14 ultra.

iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 14 Ultra – Comparision


We will make the comparison on the basis of price, design, display, battery, camera, RAM, software, processor, and storage.

These are the main things that every customer must ask when choosing any mobile phone.

Price – iPhone 14 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Ultra

It is confirmed that iPhone 15 Ultra will be more expensive than the iPhone 14 Ultra due to its display, camera, and design. But you can expect the price of the iPhone 15 Ultra to start from $1,199 and iPhone 14 Ultra from $999.

Design – iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 14 Ultra

It is a rumor that both iPhones are mostly similar.  The design is identical and has a flat flat-edge design with a centered notch. But it has also been heard that the iPhone 15 Ultra has a slightly larger display and thick body.

Display – iPhone 15 Ultra Versus iPhone 14 Ultra

It is said that both iPhones have a 6.7-inch OLED display and 120 Hz refresh rates. But it can be a brighter display and higher resolution in iPhone 15 Ultra.

Camera – iPhone 14 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Ultra

It is said to have an iPhone 15 Ultra camera with a 48 MP primary camera, 12 MP telephoto camera, and 12 MP ultra-wide camera with 3 times optical zoom. It is expected to have the same camera as the Ultra 13 Ultra in the iPhone 14 Ultra. 

Battery Life – iPhone 14 Ultra & iPhone 15 Ultra

As every feature is more than the iPhone 14 Ultra it is expected that the iPhone 15 Ultra’s battery life is better than the iPhone 14 Ultra.

RAM – iPhone 15 Ultra Vs. iPhone 14 Ultra

If we talk about iPhone RAM then, you could get great experience in multitasking & gaming due to the high RAM of 8 GB in iPhone 15 Ultra. While 6 GB RAM in iPhone 14 Ultra.

Software & Storage – iPhone 14 Ultra and iPhone 15 Ultra

It is expected to have the same software and storage in both iPhones. Both iPhones are expected to run on iOS 16. And you could get the same storage options of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB.

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Moreover, if you compare both iPhones on the basis of Price you will find the iPhone 14 Ultra is cheaper than the iPhone 15 Ultra price.  If you go toward more advantages and features you can go with the iPhone 15 Ultra that has more RAM, better battery life, a new processor, and an excellent camera system.  This is the main comparability between the iPhone 15 Ultra VS iPhone 14 Ultra.

However, both phones are good but only the difference in price and extra features. You can choose the best phone according to your requirements and budget. You should go with the iPhone 15 Ulta if you want the latest phone.  Otherwise, the iPhone 14 Ultra is also a great phone to go at a cheaper price than the iPhone 15 Ultra.

What are the Important Things to Consider When Buying an iPhone?

Requirement – you should identify your need for which purpose you buy the phone. If you only need for calling then can go with iPhone 14 Ultra. And if you are fond of taking lots of photos or videos then you can go with the iPhone 15 Ultra because it has a better camera and high RAM.

Budget – Budget is one of the foremost factors that should be kept in mind. If you do not have a budget to buy an iPhone 15 Ultra and have a budget of only an iPhone 14 Ultra. Then you may have to compromise some advanced features that only in iPhone 15 ultra has.

Carrier – we suggest you check special discounts before buying from a store or online so that you can save your money. You can check coupon codes and more for saving big.

Personal Preference – In the end, the best phone depends on your needs, budget, and choice. Also, keep the features in mind discussed above in this article so that you can have the best choice between the iPhone 14 Ultra and Vs iPhone 15 Ultra.

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