Best Place For Solo Ads for Internet Marketing

Best Place for Solo Ads for Internet Marketing

As a result of the presence of some shady players in the Solo ad industry, Solo ads have a hazy image. And thus young internet marketers face the dilemma of which is the best place for solo ads for internet marketing.

There are places where you can still buy solo ads for internet marketing, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

Due to the fact that solo ads traffic is highly targeted as it comes from well-defined email lists of people already interested in your niche, you can rely on the reliability of solo ads.

The best thing that can happen to your internet marketing business is a solo advertisement if purchased carefully. Nevertheless, for solo ads to work you must find the right place and an authentic solo ad vendor.

How To Find Real Solo Ads For Marketing?

As fake traffic is a huge problem of the solo ads industry and real solo ads are pretty hard to find therefore having some tracking tools up your sleeve is always good to avoid bots and know the true performance of your solo ads campaign.

So before we get down with the best place to buy solo ads, here are some interesting and helpful tools that every smart solo ads buyer must have in their tool kit.


ClickMagick is one of the best in class tracking tools. It was solely designed for solo ads for affiliate marketing as it helps in tracking affiliate links but it has grown a lot with time and now it also provides advanced analysis services too.

Clickmagick allows a 14-day free trial so you can check all the features available. It is easy to use and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it.

Some of the great features of ClickMagick are as follows :

    • Automated A/B Testing
    • Bot Filtering & Blocking
    • Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Link Tracking
    • Google Analytics Compatibility
    • Can Track your Whole Sales Funnel


Click Meter is another great tool that you can use to track the performance of a solo ad and confirm the authenticity of traffic.

Click Meter is compatible with all types of marketing channels. It allows you to analyze every campaign individually so that you can know which one is bringing the highest level of traffic to your business.

Some of the features of ClickMeter are as follows :

    • Create Effective Tracking Links
    • Seamless Redirection
    • Collects Useful Data (like from where the traffic is redirected to your site)
    • Creates Real-Time Marketing Reports
    • Optimize Conversions


Integrately is an awesome tool that you can use to automate your workflows and create better solo ads campaigns.

It can tag with many apps and platforms and allows you to create a one-click workflow and also countdown timers that you can put in the email copies you want to use for solo ads.

It is something that a smart marketer will prefer to have in their pocket to have better conversions through their solo ads campaign. 

Because as you might know, the work of a solo ads vendor is to send the solo ads to their lists but only you are responsible to provide them with all the right links and CTA buttons that actually bring traffic to you.

Therefore, if you won’t be careful and active about your links and redirections, you can not blame solo ads or a solo ads vendor for your poor conversions.

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Best Place To Buy Solo Ads

Now the real tough part of marketing through solo ads is to find a place where you can find the legit best solo ads provider and some authentic and guaranteed solo ads traffic

But don’t worry because there are some really good solo ads platforms where you can find real and authentic solo ads vendors who provide guaranteed solo ads traffic and all of this at affordable prices.

Here are three leading solo ads platforms for you to check out.

1. Udimi

Talking of the best place for solo ads, Udimi is the first name that pops into the mind. And for those who don’t know or are total beginners in this field,

Udimi is a leading marketplace where you can buy and sell solo ads for internet marketing.

On Udimi you can find thousands of verified solo ads sellers from which you can choose the one who has a list built-in your niche.

And since here, we are talking about solo ads for the IM niche (Internet Marketing niche), so to find solo ads in the IM market niche you can check the profiles of vendors who have targeted lists in this niche.

Solo Ads Prices On Udimi

Although Udimi is free, yes you read it right. Udimi doesn’t charge any monthly subscription fee. 

you can create your account for free. (Though there could be some additional charges for some optional settings)

So you only have to pay the commission of your solo ads vendor.

And all the vendors on udimi have a fixed price range.

Udimi solo ads can charge from $0.35 to $0.95 depending on the number of clicks you want to buy.

Features of Udimi –
  • User Friendly: It provides features like quick problem solving, refunds (in case of any issue), and/or assurity of authenticity.


  • Seller Verification and Reviews: Udimi makes sure that you get only real and varied solo ads sellers and it also provides real buyer reviews for each vendor.


  • Tracking and Analysing: If you don’t want to use a separate tool like ClickMagick to track your solo ad campaigns’ performance, you can use Udimi’s inbuilt tracking feature.


  • Add Text: Udimi’s Ad Text feature allows you to write your own email copy that you can provide the vendor. So if you don’t want to rely on your vendor’s writing skills, you can create your own personalized email copy.

2. SoloAdsX

SoloAdsX is a solo ads directory or you can say another great marketplace for solo ads

Here you can find a list of selected solo ads vendors from which you can choose as per your niche. One thing about SoloAdsX that you should know is Solo ads sellers on SoloAdsX mostly deal in the MMO niche (Make money online niche).

Prices for SoloAdX

On SoloAdsX PPC (Pay Per Click) is pre-determined by every solo ads vendor and clicks are guaranteed so you have to pay a predetermined amount to the vendor and in return, you get guaranteed solo ads traffic.

How Does SoloAdsX Works?

SoloAdsX is very simple to use that is why it is considered the best place for solo ads if you are a beginner.

All you have to do is

  • Go to the SoloAdsX website.
  • Select a solo ads seller.
  • Connect to them in one click.
  • Send them your unique tracking link (you can also ask all your queries regarding price and other things you want to know)
  • If they approve your link for their highly targeted list you can send them your mail copy or ask them to write one.
  • Now you can just sit back and watch the expert promote your solo ad campaign.

3. Syndicate Ads

Syndicate Ads, unlike SoloAdsX or Udimi, does not have individual vendors but offers a list of websites.

Websites that have massive email lists of highly targeted audiences. From here, you can buy solo ads in an affordable price range.

Syndicate Ads is a great buyer/seller directory and it can be considered one of the best places for solo ads for internet marketing. It is a firm of BuySellAds, a leading marketplace for website banner ads.

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy the best solo ads for internet marketing that pays off real good you need more than just a well-written email copy.

First of all, you have to equip yourself with some great tools that can show you the actual picture of your solo ads campaign and save you from fraud and bot traffic.

And then most importantly you need to know which is the best place for solo ads for internet marketing. Hopefully, the above options will help you in your journey of solo ads marketing.

Other than these solo ads marketplaces you can also refer to some other options like Facebook Groups or visit directly at some vendors’ websites. But that might take a lot more research and involve more risk.

Therefore, the Author’s suggestion to you is, if you are a beginner, it’s better to go to a solo ads marketplace or directory.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What Is Solo Affiliate?

A solo affiliate is simply an affiliate marketer who promotes his/her affiliate products through solo ads.

Are Solo Ads Legal?

Solo ads are totally legal in all countries of the world though they do contain a certain degree of risk but there is nothing illegal about solo ads.

Are Solo Ads Worth It?

If you are in a niche where PPC prices are too high and the market is overcrowded with content like affiliate marketing then solo ads are definitely worth it. As solo ads cost quite less than other paid ads.

Which Is The Best Place To Buy Solo Ads?

There are several options available on the internet to buy solo ads. Udimi is a leading marketplace that is considered the go-to palace by many marketers for solo ads. You can also refer to the list above to know more great options for solo ads.

What Is A Solo Ads Provider?

A solo ads provider is someone who earns money by sending highly targeted email ads on someone else’s behalf to their own list.

What Is Udimi Solo Ads?

The solo ads that are offered by a Udimi vendor are called Udimi solo ads. Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where you can buy/sell solo ads.

How Do You Make Money Selling Solo Ads?

A solo ads seller has a highly targeted email list built in a particular niche and he/she monetizes through selling access to their list to people who want to promote their ads to their list via emails. They earn a commission on every click or sale generated through their links.

What Is A Solo Email?

A solo email is an email ad that one sends to their email list on behalf of a third party to earn a commission.

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